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Is a Website Necessary for a Salon Business?

Is a Website Necessary for a Salon Business?

Does your business need a website? Of course it does. You need an online presence. Whether you be selling cosmetics or fast-food, an online presence gets you customers. After all, that’s where your market is. A website is the place where customers get to know your business. They can read up on updates, and find answers to questions you get commonly asked. But that’s not all. There are a multitude of reasons why your salon needs a website. And we’ll mention all of them in this article!

#1 – More Clients.

Gone are the days of trying to find a business through yellow pages. Today, all you need to do is search online, and with specified queries. This is what most of your customers are doing. Instead of trying to “phone you for info,” they’re using Google to read more about you. That is, they’re trying to find you through the internet. And there are a variety of questions that customers seek answered. Obviously, they won’t get the answers they need by phone. They may be too shy or busy for a long chat. So they’ll visit your website instead.


Without a website, customers can’t find you. So you lose business.

#2 – You Can Sell Products.

Many salons struggle to increase their income. After all, what they offer is skilled labor. And there’s only so much a salon can handle per day – without exhausting its employees. The solution to this dilemma is the use of a website. Through a website, a salon can sell products on the side, thus increasing revenue. And this means a salon can increase their profits, without raising the price of their services. Doing so makes a salon more competitive. And it makes it stand out from competition.

#3 – Low Cost Exposure.

Many companies lose much money in the creation and distribution of paper marketing. It’s costly, yet they use it to keep their presence in spite of competition. As a salon owner, you don’t need to follow that expensive route. A website has much more potential to get you clients than paper marketing. After all, you can put on a website information that a paper ad can’t hold. You can truly market who you are, and at dimes.

#4 – You’re Seen as Credible.

Customers today use the internet for everything. So having an online presence should be your primary branding tactic. There’s no better online branding path than having a website. After all, setting one up is a complex act, and it’s a sign of serious professionalism (especially if it looks good). A website is your domain, and through it, you can create the impression you want. It’s what a customer will visit over and over to get more information and updates, while buying the products you sell. It makes you credible – and it’s vital for branding.

#5 – Supply Information in Record Time.

Physically providing information is an effort intensive activity. That is, it’s exhausting giving information through customer service, phones, and constant email replies. A website saves you those issues. Through a website, you can design an FAQ section that answers the concerns of clients. And this allows you to focus your energies on serious/detailed concerns that affect your business.

In a Nutshell…

Many salon owners try to avoid making a website, and we understand that. Many website agencies charge much for setting up websites. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2000 to $8000 just to get your website rolling. And this can be unaffordable to you, especially with debts to manage.  However, making a website is necessary. While we don’t recommend rushing one, you can start it as a long-term project that you’ll slowly invest in. That way, you can be present to your customers, while being more visible than competition! For the price $400 - $500, you can launch a beautiful salon website today. 

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