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Marketing Your Salon on Facebook? Here are 4 Tips to Help You!

Marketing Your Salon on Facebook? Here are 4 Tips to Help You!

Is your business online yet? Or are you still in the “brick and mortar world”? If it isn’t, then it’s time to shift. After all, marketing online is what everyone’s doing. And they don’t do it for the sake of “added benefits.” They do it to survive. As a small salon business, you need to do the same. You’ve got to shift online, advertising your location, services, and products. Not to mention, you need to reach out to those in your area searching “nearby salons.” In a nutshell, shifting online is a must. And today, we’ll help you with that. We’ll mention 4 tips on effective online salon marketing. Read through the list, apply them to your business, and watch your business boom!

#1 – Showcase Your Experience With Useful Content.
Don’t be cheap with information.

Gone are the days of “secret information” and selling “special secrets to paid members.” That model is decades old, and it doesn’t work today. In fact, you might end up with reversed results if you hide information. That is, you’ll look incompetent and inexperienced. Avoid that error, and put all your experience on paper. Write about everything, from the stylists at your salon, to the products you use, the services you provide, and why. Get into the specifics. Details matter here, and being descriptive sheds light on what the consumer stands to gain. Plus, you’re more likely to get their trust.

Vary Your Content.

Not all your FB content should be information. Sometimes, you need to promote, and that’s what you’ll be doing often. You can post your special promotions on FB. Any price cuts, special days, or new additions to your service should go there. Doing so gives clients a “reason” to follow your page for constant updates.

#2 – Appeal with Graphics.
Check any marketing research report, and you’ll always find one fact that stands out…That is, most of your customers favor video over text content. You’re more likely to get a message across through rich imagery and sound, than through articles.

In fact, according to DigitalSherpa, 80% of customers may watch a full video, compared to only 20% that read articles. That is,almost people are 4 times more likely to prefer video rich content!

But Videos Are Difficult to Make…

That’s understandable. However, not all your graphical content has to be video. Vary what you post. You can dedicate some of your posts to images, memes, and GIFs. Others can be for simple talks on recording. Then occasionally, release powerful and professional videos for branding. As you can see, visual content isn’t difficult to post. After all, your content options are endless. Plus, you can discuss many topics, from simple to detailed industry info!

#3 – Geolocation Is Important.
As a salon owner, your services are ultimately offline. What you offer is physical, and it’s done in certain hours, and in a certain space. Therefore, advertising your location matters. And targeting customers in your area is of the essence.

This is where Geolocation can help you. You can use this setting on FB to release posts to people within your business locus. Only those individuals can see your ads, which saves you much needed advertising money!

Plus, this setting is amazing on Facebook. After all, it’s one of the internet’s most used social media platforms, with 2 billion active users. That is, the whole world knows Facebook, and most of your potential clients are likely using it.

Through it, you won’t waste time posting adds that aim for the wrong target. You’ll get to your audience, getting your conversions quick!

#4 – Buy Advertising.
Marketing online almost always starts by paying for ads. After all, do note that few people know you online. And when you start, you’ll need to hustle to gain a basic audience. This hustling is done through paid advertising, and you’ll need much of it on your Facebook journey.

However, it isn’t a negative at all. Paid advertising lets you reach more people. And its benefits are exponential. After all, not only do you get clients online. But also, those online clients can share your business page to others.

This’ll get you more inquiries and interest. More individuals will want to check out your location, and they’ll be interested in trying your service.

From there, you can grow organically. After a few months of paid advertising, you can reap the rewards through a good online reputation, and word of mouth recommendations!

In a Nutshell.
Marketing any business is tricky, and salons aren’t an exception. In fact, marketing salons online can be difficult, since little you do is sold online. Yet, that’s where you’ll likely find more of your customers, and at affordable rates.

Facebook offers you that pool of clients, plus the affordability. Not to mention, the platform is quite easy to use. There are no gimmicky controls or endless analytics to manage. You can get started creating an ad right away, with a good budget and as many demographic specifications as you wish.

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